New Radio Drama Series launched by ONUR

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Office of National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) has launched a radio drama series to help develop people reflect on issues related to national unity, empower them to be creative, and to encourage critical thinking of day-to-day issues faced in communities.

The radio drama series titled “Kanata Paharak”, produced by ONUR is directed by Award Winning Script Writer & Director Malaka Dewapriya. Apart from the Saturday Night broadcasting of the radio dramas through radio, ONUR expects broaden the coverage and promotion of the radio dramas by sharing the episodes with the listeners through CDs, Downloadable YouTube content and through Podcasts.

At a time where it seems that with the advent of television and film, the trend of radio plays are lost, ONUR hopes that this initiative will contribute towards a positive dialogue in the society. People have come to believe that television and film is superior, that the power of visual language is superior and more powerful, but it is also a known fact that when it comes to developing imagination, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic knowledge, radio plays have been identified as an influential medium.

The collection in ‘Kanata Parak’ includes twelve episodes including 10 Sinhala language and 2 Tamil language plays. The titles of the radio dramas are captioned in very engaging themes such as “Tharuwan Saranai(Blessed by Star)”, ‘Nihon Sepalebewa’ (May you attend comfort worldly life in Nihon)”, “Alayaka Damanaya (Love Tamed)”, Nirabhishekana (Felicitation)”, “Nirwasthran Paraman Sukhan (being Naked is the best policy)”, “Funsalak”, Roma Ruupana (Perform in Rome)”, “Suwadena Agni (Soothing Fire)”, “Rangadena Kapuwo (Trickster Matchmakers)”, Ekathana Kerakuma(Stagnation)”, “Nawanalu Dahama (Tele Actor)”, and “Bashmaanthara (interaction )”.

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