Security of all people ensured and country safe to visit

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Government has taken all necessary security measures to ensure the security of the country and the safety of the people since the unfortunate April bombings, the Ministry of Defence stated.

Special island-wide precautionary measures have been taken by the Tri-Forces, Police and Intelligence Services together with other State Security Agencies to provide protection to places of worship, public places, tourist locations, State facilities, airports, ports, hospitals, etc. the Ministry stressed.

These security arrangements have resulted in most suspects connected with the Easter bombings being arrested and their safe houses raided, the Security Forces and Police will not in any way compromise on public security of all Sri Lankans as well as any foreign national visiting the country, the Ministry said, adding that even though, the travel advisory issued by the United States (US) Embassy which has increased its travel warnings as a routine measure requesting its citizens to take extra care during their travel in the holiday season, the security of the country remains to be safe and secure.

The Secretary Defence, Retired General S. H. S. Kottegoda stated that as a country that defeated one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations, the Security Forces of Sri Lanka which was in the forefront in that war have and will always take any required action to ensure the maximum safety of all people within this country at all times.

Reassuring on the security of the country he said that anyone who wishes to visit this country may do so without fear.

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