New luxury train ‘Denuwara Menike’ to commence service from Colombo to Badulla on November 1

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Department of Railways says the new intercity express train named the “Denuwara Menike” will be deployed from Colombo Fort to Badulla on the upcountry line from November 1st.

Railway Superintendent Dilantha Fernando said a newly imported state-of-the-art Chinese S-14 power locomotive, specially designed to operate in the hill country, will be deployed for the service from Colombo Fort to Badulla

The train is scheduled to begin its journey at 7:00 am in the morning every day from Colombo Fort and due to travel from Badulla to Fort on the following day. The express train will reach its destination in 8 hours and 43 min.

The new intercity train comprises two air-conditioned first class compartments, two second class compartments, three third class compartments and a dining compartment. Seats to all these classes could be reserved in advance, the Railways

Department said. All the compartments of this luxury train would be equipped with a public address system. Television and mobile phone charging facilities would be available in the air-conditioned first class compartment, according to the Railways Department

The new S14 power-sets imported from China, specially designed to operate in the hill country arrived in the country in August this year. Each power set costs US$ 10.3 million (Rs.1839.5 million).

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