Army Commander advises against panic buying

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva has urged to public to refrain from heading to stores and supermarkets with the intent of unnecessarily hoarding goods.

Making a special statement the Army Commander said excessive purchase of goods may incite a fears of a shortage of essential goods in the country.

“It has been reported that the public is visiting stores and supermarkets in an attempt to buy goods in bulk. Usually super markets and shops stock goods for a day or two as they know how much food people usually purchase. Therefore, when people attempt to suddenly over purchase goods, this may lead to fears of food shortages. Therefore, the President has requested me to inform the public that there is no such shortage. Certain persons are also afraid they will be quarantined at home, however the government has no such intention. Therefore, we request the public to refrain from panicking unnecessarily and buying in bulk and hoarding goods. The President further informed in the event of a shortage the government will take measures to inform the public in advance. Therefore, we request the public to refrain from excessive purchasing of goods, as it can result in the whole nation being fearful.”

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