Strong mandate essential to defeat conspiracies

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –If the Yahapalana cabal had won the 2019 Presidential Election, they would have implemented the agendas of foreign conspirators and finished off Sri Lanka and we need a very strong mandate at this election to conclusively defeat these conspiracies, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa stated yesterday.

Making a special statement on “Defeating domestic and foreign conspiracies against Sri Lanka”, Prime Minister Rajapaksa stressed that although the conspirators lost the Presidential Election, they have not given up their quest.

“My request to the people of Sri Lanka is to always have the broader picture in mind when it comes to politics. Given the threats we are up against, we will be destroyed if we fail to distinguish between what is politically important and politically unimportant,” the Prime Minister said. “If we are able to distinguish what is important from what is unimportant, and always have the broader picture in mind, our people will always be the winners.”

The Prime Minister noted that the situation that prevailed following the assumption of power by the Yahapalana government in 2015 was akin to having been taken over by a hostile foreign invading force. “They systematically persecuted the nationalist political camp in this country. They jailed leading Buddhist monks on trumped up charges in order to intimidate the Maha Sangha. They moved to demoralize and render ineffective our Armed Forces which defeated terrorism and ensured the territorial integrity of the country. Selected members of the Armed Forces ranging from the lowest ranks right up to the Chief of Defence Staff were arrested, kept in jail and cases were filed against them on trumped up charges. Destroying nationalist camp, dividing country their aim

The intention behind all this was to create the impression in the minds of the local population and also to convey to the world the idea that these were not war heroes but thieves and murderers.”

The PM said all this was done with the intention of completely destroying the nationalist camp and facilitating the division of Sri Lanka by introducing a new Constitution. What they could not achieve through war, they tried to achieve through political manoeuvres.

“These plans could not be implemented in their entirety because we won the 2019 November Presidential Election. However domestic and foreign conspirators have not yet given up,” the Premier observed. He noted that the main pledges given by the Yahapalana conspirators to their foreign masters were contained in Resolution 30/1 which the Yahapalana government co-sponsored in the UN Human Rights Council in October 2015.

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