Dr. Palitha Kohona tipped to be Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to China

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – Career diplomat and Former Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona has been nominated as Sri Lanka’s new Ambassador to China pending Parliamentary High Post Committee clearance.

Speaking to the Daily News, Dr. Kohona regarded China as a long standing friend that has helped Sri Lanka in the darkest of times, particularly during the conflict against the LTTE. “Sri Lanka will work with China to improve bilateral economic relations,” he said. “We will strive to encourage Chinese Corporate investments in Sri Lanka, encourage tourism and enhance bilateral and educational relations.”

Dr. Kohona added that a significant link was being developed between the two countries especially with regard to Buddhism. “It will be to the benefit of both countries to enhance these links.” He said adding that China has very successfully confronted the challenges of COVID-19 and has also extended assistance to other countries in dealing with the pandemic. “Sri Lanka was one of the early beneficiaries of Chinese experience, expertise and generosity.”

Dr. Kohona is a veteran diplomat who has served as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations after serving as Foreign Secretary. He was also the Secretary-General of the Secretariat for Coordination the Peace Process. He is also a contributor to several prestigious publications.

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