Organisations’ campaign in Mongolia to celebrate International Human Rights Day

(LANKAPUVATH | MONGOLIA) – Every year on December 10, the Mongolian Human Rights Forum celebrates International Human Rights Day.

This year’s day is expected to be distributed to around 50 events by WFP member groups.

This month’s events make this year’s day more special, according to what the head of the forum indicated, as part of their work this month, they are launching an online campaign called “Demand Your Rights” and spreading it to the public via social media.

WFP member groups will also have weekly conversations on certain subjects.

The discussions will center on government openness and accountability, the right of people with disabilities to travel, women’s rights, and the implementation of the UN Human Rights Council’s Third Report on the Human Rights Situation in Mongolia, which includes 170 recommendations.

Mongolia became the first nation in Asia to establish independent legislation on the protection of human rights defenders with the passage of the Law on the Legal Status of Human Rights Defenders by the State Great Hural in April 2021.

It will be appropriate to examine who is a human rights defender under this legislation, the role of public authorities in encouraging the activities of human rights defenders, and what protective mechanisms are in place if a human rights defender is endangered by human rights activities at this meeting. This law must be implemented without fear to enhance human rights.

Source: A24 News Agency

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