China calls on North Korea to suspend missile and nuclear tests

(CHINA, LANKAPUVATH) – China has proposed that North Korea suspend its tests of missile and nuclear technology to “Defuse a looming crisis.”

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that in exchange, the United States (US) and South Korea could halt annual joint military drills, which consistently infuriate the North.

The appeal comes after North Korea test-launched 4 missiles on Monday (06), breaking international sanctions.

In response, the US began rolling out a missile defence system in South Korea.

Speaking on the sidelines of China’s annual Parliamentary meeting, Minister Wang said the Korean peninsula was like “Two accelerating trains, coming toward each other with neither side willing to give way.”

“Are the two sides really ready for a head-on collision?” he asked.

A mutual halt of military operations would be the first step towards easing tensions and reopening negotiations, he said.


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