Enjoy the ultimate safari experience in Sri Lanka: A place like no other

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – Spot leopards, seek out blue whales, and watch primates play in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, located off the coast of southern India, is filled with stunning natural features and weathered ruins that have become a de facto wildlife playground.

Being slightly larger than West Virginia, this tropical country is a top ranked bio diversity hotspot, with 123 mammal species and hundreds of bird species. It also nurses 26 national parks.

Sri Lanka’s lush rainforests and scrub forests are home to herds of Asian elephants who like to bathe in its rivers and monkeys that linger beside waterfalls, and mountain top cloud forests heaving with primates.

And then there’s Yala National Park; home to shaggy, insect-eating sloth bears and one of the world’s highest population densities of leopards.

Even the country’s surrounds are a treat for wildlife lovers, who may spot dolphins, sperm whales and the king of the sea creatures— blue whales — in the Indian Ocean. Whatever your animal preference, Wildlife Tours Sri Lanka has an itinerary for you.

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