Consumer promotional event held at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

(STOCKHOLM, LANKAPUVATH) – The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) conducted a tourism promotional event and a cultural evening titled “Sri Lanka – The Land of Serendipity” at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on 16th September, 2017.

This location was arranged by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm under the aegis of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau for conducting the event as this venue is the most popular and most visited open air arena for advertising and conducting cultural activities in the city of Stockholm. The Turkish Airline and Emirates Airlines lent a hand partly sponsoring the event.

The enactment of the dances presented by Channa Upuli Dance ensemble was well received by the audience comprising of Ambassadors, Diplomats, Tourists visiting Sweden, Swedish Nationals as well as the Sri Lankan community admiring the artistry of these renowned dancers. Large gatherings present at the venue throughout the day, enjoying every moment of this event was testimony to the admiration and appreciation of the Sri Lankan culture.

In addition to the Sinhala and Tamil dances choreographed and presented by the Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation, the dances staged especially by the Sri Lankan Tamil community, highlighted the ethnic diversity of Sri Lanka attracting many Sri Lankan Diaspora communities living in Sweden. Besides the cultural activity, exotic gems of Sri Lanka, master craftsmen displaying carving of traditional masks, travel agents presenting travel opportunities to Sri Lanka focusing on leisure travel and Ayurveda were showcased as other components of the promotion. Food courts set up at the Kungsträdgården serving an array of Sri Lankan culinary delights and delectable food items by the Sri Lankan community was yet another attraction.

Besides promoting Sri Lanka in Sweden, another important outcome of the event was the presence of all Sri Lankan Diaspora community coming together to celebrate Sri Lanka after a lapse of many years, proving that culture and art is a strong medium that binds all Sri Lankans together.

The staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm, officials from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in concert with the dance troupe from the Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation made a three pronged approach when organizing the event. In sum, it is to popularize Sri Lanka in the Scandinavian region as a tourist destination, to bring all Diaspora communities together and in strengthening diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Sweden.

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