MIS for paddy/rice sector from next Maha season

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –It has been decided to have an on-line Database System for Paddy/Rice stocks which could then easily be accessed to any official/or member of the public at any time.

Every year, the government makes an effort to stabilize the price of paddy/rice. But owing to non-availability of comprehensive information success is limited. Establishing a computerized digital MIS system for Paddy/Rice Sector will strengthen that effort and decision makers, relying on this MIS, will be able to take informed decisions as to the quantity of Paddy and Rice available in the country and the actual need to supplement by way of imports. The project will be implemented under the cooperation of several government and private institutes, led by the National Planning Department, with the guidance of the Central Programme Management Unit of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.
This will be including the data of extent of paddy: – cultivable, actually cultivated in any season harvested stocks available, stock purchased by Paddy Marketing Board, pledged loans granted by Banks, import and export figures etc. The database is expected to be uploaded at the district level preferably just after the harvesting of each season initially by the Officials of Consumer Affairs Authority and Officials of the Paddy Marketing Board attached to each district. Updating of the MIS will be started with the next harvesting of Maha season (2017/18).

The information related to the extent planned to be cultivated, actual extent cultivated, paddy production in any given season, is uploaded to the MIS with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture and the District Administration, in each season. The data provide by the Sri Lanka Customs on the value and quantity of import and export of rice are uploaded to the system monthly. The state and private banks agreed to provide holistic details of pledged loans taken by millers in each season. The pledged loan details could be used to do certain verifications for the existing stocks with millers, stocks with traders. The online database for Paddy/ Rice has now been developed with the technical assistance of the Faculty of Computing and Technology, University of Kelaniya.

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