Municipal Councils, Urban Councils, Pradeshiya Sabhas Amendment Bill signed by Speaker

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Three Bills to change the composition of members in Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas were signed by Parliamentary Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today(12).

The Amended Bill will be gazetted afterwards.

The Municipal Councils (Amendment) Bill, Urban Councils (Amendment) Bill and the Pradeshiya Sabha (Amendment) Bill which was presented by Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faizer Mustapha was approved in Parliament last week.

The three Bills seek to amend Chapter 252 of the Municipal Councils Ordinance, Chapter 255 of the Urban Councils Ordinance and the Pradeshiya Sabha Act No 15 of 1987.

The three Bills are envisaged to give effect to new sections which state that each Municipal Council, Urban Council and Pradeshiya Sabha will have forty percent of members as specified by the Minister in an order published in the gazette based on the Orders published in the Local Authorities Elections Ordinance (chapter 262)

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