UNP accepts poll verdict – Hashim

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim said the party accepts the verdict given by the people at the local government elections.

“Through this verdict, the people have given us a warning signal, Minister Hashim said in a statement issued on behalf of the party yesterday.

The statement said: “We hope to subject this verdict to deep rethinking and dedicate ourselves to perform our role expected from us more correctly and vigorously.

“The services we have rendered in the past are many. But people tend to forget some of them. This election was a case in point and a good example for this, he said.

“We were able to change an expensive system of elections which promoted clashes among candidates of the same party and created a better election environment.

“We stopped the misuse of State property and funds for election purposes completely. We have made several good and positive steps in a number of sectors including the education section. Some of the good deeds we rendered are still not visible.

Their results will be seen in the future bringing immense benefits and dividends to the people.

“There are things we have still failed to fulfill while there are some failures.This was caused by the immense debt burden bequeathed by the Rajapaksa regime and the unexpected natural disasters faced by the country. We will strive hard to fulfill all neglected deeds and other shortcomings.

“On January 8 people entrusted us with the responsibility of creating a social, economic and political change for the better. That responsibility was again emphasized at the August General Election. We will re-dedicate ourselves towards fully implementing the responsibility entrusted to us according to the mandate given us by the people in August”, the statement issued by UNP General Secretary Minister Kabir Hashim said.

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