Eliminate evil thoughts: President

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –I extend my greetings to all Hindu devotees the world over who celebrate the ‘Maha Shivarathri’ with the objective of overcoming darkness and ignorance in life and the world illuminates the self-pride and selfishness of humans, with the desire for the well-being of the entire universe and peace in the world, stated President Maithripala Sirisena sending a message marking Maha Shivarathri.

The message added: “Fasting on the day of Shivarathri is considered to be the most important and significant fast for the devotees of Lord Shiva and observance of this ritual with discipline helps a devotee to control the five sense organs in human beings while keeping the mind in precise concentration on an objective. Devotees of Lord Shiva believe that a person who indulges in a Shivarathri fast with sincerity, all through the day and night performing rituals with perfect devotion is absolved from all sin. Such a devotee reaches the abode of Lord Shiva and lives there happily ever after.

“Furthermore, Shiva devotees believe such rituals will reduce the self-pride and selfishness of humans, paving the way for coexistence with each other.

“Therefore, Shivarathri fast will eliminate the dark evil thoughts that emerge in the hearts of the humans and illuminate the wisdom and thoughtfulness. It will, invariably help to build reconciliation and coexistence with each other.

“I extend my heartiest greetings to all Hindu devotees around the world who celebrate the Maha Shivarathri with the desire for the well-being of fellow human beings as well as to further consolidate the religious beliefs and the social well-being.”

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