President instructs immediate reconstruction of 2,400 small tanks in the Dry Zone to address farmers’ woes

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – President Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to the relevant sectors to expedite the reconstruction of 2400 small tanks within the Dry Zone in order to facilitate the farming community to continue with their cultivations during the next dry spell.

Instructing the relevant authorities at a special Polonnaruwa District Coordinating Committee meeting held yesterday, the President emphasized that the reconstruction of these tanks should be accelerated to support the people so that they can engage in their daily activities despite any inconveniences brought out by the dry weather conditions. Plans in this regard have already been formulated.

The discussion centered at length on the progress of the work carried out so far under the Pibidemu Polonnaruwa District Development Programme and the future development plans.

Special attention was focused on the work on the Kidney Hospital, The Economic Centre and the Trilingual School. The progress of all programs related to infrastructure development including education, health, highways and irrigation were reviewed.

The President pointed out that it is the responsibility of the officials to compile development plans identifying the needs of the people and without wasting public funds.

Discussing the woes of the farmers regarding the irrigational water supply, the President instructed the officials to enlighten the farmers on the importance of planning the cultivations and making them aware of the water levels of the tanks and reservoirs.

The President also distributed equipment sets to 636 beneficiaries within the Welikanda and Dimbulagala Divisional Secretariat Divisions on behalf of their livelihood development. The equipment distributed among them was worth 29 million rupees. It is also planned to distribute more equipment worth 295 million rupees in the future.

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