Nawaloka Hospitals debuts Sri Lanka’s first ever Kiosk printing lab reports, package info

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lanka’s most innovative healthcare partner Nawaloka Hospital recently debuted the country’s first ever Kiosk that prints diagnostic reports and provides information on the different healthcare packages that the hospital offers based on age, sex and other vital info.

The state-of-the-art Kiosk stationed at the Specialist Centre eliminates the hassle of having to stand in queues physically and collecting diagnostic reports at a particular time which has hitherto been the practice.

With the new system in place, the patient only has to scan the QR code that they are given at the point of paying for the report and the corresponding report will be printed for them within a matter of seconds.

The new Kiosk not only saves time but also serves as a fool-proof system that provides 100% confidentiality especially in the case of VIP patients as only persons with the QR code can access reports, medical history and vital information of the patient.

Head of IT at Nawaloka Hospital Indika Balasuriya commenting about the new feature said that the machine has been received well by clients and within just six days of installing a total of about 650 reports have been printed so far.

“Nawaloka Hospital is constantly investing in technology with the vision of becoming the most innovative player in the healthcare sphere in Sri Lanka. We aim to offer a convenient experience for everybody.

“Other than diagnostic reports, patients can also obtain information about different screening and healthcare packages offered by the hospital simply by keying in their age, gender and other vital information. The machine will then process the data and print details of all healthcare packages available and their respective rates,” he added.

According to Balasuriya, the software used in the Kiosk has been developed by two developers of the hospital’s IT department.

Nawaloka entered the state dominated healthcare sector in 1985 and was set up to mirror reputed hospitals in the region which offered advanced medical technology and expert medical care. With its entry the private healthcare system took root in Sri Lanka and people were provided with an alternative to seeking specialized treatment outside the country. The Hospital was a pioneering initiative that built an impeccable reputation and has been at the forefront of the Sri Lankan healthcare sector for over three decades.

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