Buddha Sasana Ministry recommends six criteria to hold Dansalas for Vesak

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Ministry of Buddha Sasana has notified that six criteria have to be followed in setting up dansalas or free food stalls for the forthcoming Vesak season.

The Buddhist Affairs Commissioner General Nimal Kotawalagedara has informed all District Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries that it is required to adhere to the recommended criteria in conducting the dansalas since it has been reported that some institutions, organizations and individuals are fraudulently collecting money in the pretext of holding Dansalas.

Accordingly, a Dansala should be set up on the advice of the Chief Incumbent of the temple in the relevant area and with the knowledge of the Grama Niladhari and collecting food and other donations for the Dansala should be done with the recommendation of the Chief Incumbent and the Grama Niladhari.

The Dansala should be conducted in a way not to distress the public and loud music should not be used.

Preparation of hygienic food, refraining from using alcohol and tobacco and behaving decently and courteously are the other criteria.

Buddhist Affairs Commissioner General also advised to use a yellow flag instead of the Buddhist Flag when directing people to the Dansala.

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