KOICA grants USD 7.5 million for improvement of education in Kilinochchi District

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –In its endeavour, since 2011, for the betterment of the educational environment in the Kilinochchi district, the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is granting US$ 7.5 million to renovate a number of schools in the district, the Agency said in a statement to the media.

The agreement between the two countries for the project was signed by KOICA Country Director Lee Dong Ku, Education Secretary S. Hettiarachchi and Director General of the Department of External Resources Priyantha Rathnayake. The event was graced by the State Education Minister V.S. Radhakrishnan.

The destruction of infrastructure was one that challenged post-war reconciliation efforts in the district, particularly – the process of resettling individuals displaced during the war. The area’s infrastructure required to be built from scratch.

In this light, KOICA identified the importance of providing for the infrastructure for the education sector. Thus, in 2011, KOICA conducted a US$ 5.6 million project for the improvement of the education environment of Kilinochchi, in line with the government of Korea’s partnership strategy with Sri Lanka where education is one of the priority areas.

Yet, recovering from the damage caused by a three-decade war takes time and effort. Therefore, furthering this initial step, the Republic of Korea is extending its support to Kilinochchi district even further to ensure the quality of education in the area is high.

The project will focus components of infrastructural development, teacher training and community awareness activities. Ensuring that the focus of the project will surpass mere infrastructural development and will move on to secure parental support in the process of their children’s education, there is an awareness of the parents segment to the project. The KOICA Sri Lanka office believes that the project will not only bring significant improvement in education, but also offer the chance for a better future for the children in this district. KOICA believes that a proper education will serve as a great asset to overcome the struggles in developing a previously war-torn area.

It is also the hope of KOICA that their effort be fruitful in empowering the overall education environment of the district that was alienated from development for so long due to the war and that the district’s children will benefit from their endeavours.

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