Hemas Holdings PLC ink partnership to host SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Hemas Holdings PLC (Hemas) has signed a definite agreement with Microsoft to deploy a production payload of the high-performance in-memory database SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure, where it will be used as a platform to drive the group’s digital innovation strategy.

The partnership will allow Hemas to leverage advanced cloud workloads to deliver more agility and innovation across its subsidiaries.

With their most demanding payload on Azure, Hemas will be able to harness a wide array of cloud computing services within the Microsoft platform to start building new systems around the workload to leverage TCO cost savings, faster provisioning and less storage costs.

The group will be one of the few customers in the region to deploy a production pay-load of SAP HANA on Azure. The partnership will also enable Hemas to manage its total cost of ownership much more effectively, giving the group the flexibility to engage and disengage resources.

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