Sri Lankans illegally staying in Israel get grace period to return home – Manusha Nanayakkara says

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lanka has given it’s citizens, who are working in Israel illegally, a grace period till September to return to the country, and legal action will be take against those who do not return during that period, Manusha Nanayakkara, Deputy Minister of Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment said.

Nanayakkara made this statement addressing the family members of Sri Lankan who are working in Israel Illegally yesterday. “We got a lot of opportunities to work in Israeli farms but now we don’t get that opportunity. This is because around 150, out of 500, have not returned. We have spoken to the Israeli government and they have agreed to take back people who had returned after the expiry of their work visa.” he said.

The deputy minister said that some Sri Lankans, who were living in Israel illegally, had lodged bogus human rights complaints with the Israeli authorities.

“They said that they have been assaulted in Sri Lanka and that they can’t return to the country because they fear for their lives. They are trying to allege that there is no human security in Sri Lanka and this is tarnishing our image internationally. This is what happened to us during war, a lot of people who never had any threats lied to get asylum in Western Countries. I’m sure they benefited personally, but millions of people living here suffer because of the consequences of such allegations. “he said.

Nanayakkara also urged the family members of Sri Lankans who are working in Israel illegally to bring their loved ones back. He warned that they had taken steps to issue warrants on those who have violated the immigration laws.

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