A sustainable solution from President to the Wayamba water issue

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –At present a mega development project is being implemented to fulfill the water needs of the people in the Wayamba Province, ending a long term sorrowful story water shortage, under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena. Even though various irrigation projects were implemented in the country, the people living in the Wayamba Province faced many difficulties as all the governments power failed to provide a solution for their water issue.

The living standard of the people in the region decreased as the farmers suffered from a severe shortage of water for their cultivation activities and the clean drinking water shortage led to the proliferation of kidney diseases in the region. President Maithripala Sirisena, as a leader who understands the pulse of the people, took steps to re-implement the abandon projects for the benefit of these suffering people.

In 2016 the Wayamba Ela project launched under the guidance of the President with the aim of providing a solution for the shortage of water for cultivation of irrigation lands in both seasons without any shortage. Eight large-scale tanks and 353 small-tanks would be developed under this project, which would facilitate irrigation for cultivation of 12,500 farm lands in both seasons without any shortage. The project will provide direct dividends to 13,500 farmer families and indirect benefits to another 80,000 farmer families.

50% of the first stage of the project spending Rs.16,000 million was under the Mahaweli Water Security & Investment Project was being successfully completed starting the second stage in taking water of the Mahaweli river of the Eastern province towards the northern region will be commencing under President’s patronage on 24th of this month.

The surplus water of Nalanda reservoir is being turned towards Wamadilla reservoir. Under the first stage it is expected to provide infrastructure to carry this water towards Wamadilla project and Devahuwa reservoir and to carry water of the Mahaweli Cannel and the Nalanda reservoir to Kurunegala district.

Under the second stage, it is expected to build facilities and infrastructure to constrct canals to channel water of the Kurunegala district towards the small river systems of Polpitihgama, Ahatuwewa, Galgamuwa and Mahawa and to send the water of the Mahaweli River carried towards Bowaththenna reservoir towards Dambululu Oya and to channel this water towards the canal systems built in the first stage.

Meanwhile under the mega plan to renovate 2400 tanks in the rural areas under the Ellanga system, the reconstruction of 353 tanks of the North Western province will also commence under the patronage of the President.

Thus 91 tanks of Ahatuwewa Divisional Secretariat, 119 tanks of Polpitihgama Divisional Secretariat, 107 tanks of Mahawa Divisional Secretariat, 30 tanks of Galewela Divisional Secretariat, one tank at Palagala Divisional Secretariat and 5 tanks in Dambulla Divisional Secretariat will be developed.

The people of the area highly appreciate the program conducted by President Maithipala Sirisenea in order to provide a permanent solution to a bitter experience they faced for a long period of time regarding water shortage

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