Take Precautions Against the Spread of Common Respiratory Infections

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Upper respiratory tractinfections are common these days as we see many cases ranging fromcommon colds, influenza, asthma or even bronchitis/pneumonia.

However, the symptoms can be uncomfortable and affect daily routine. It can especially be difficult for children, pregnant women and the elderly.In all of these it’s important to take precautions to stop the spread, get a quick and accurate diagnosis and obtain treatment from an experienced family doctor or physician.

As these infections are contagious,precautions must be taken to stop the spread.Therefore, some precautions that can be taken are as follows:

I. Stay at home if you are unwell and see a doctor
II. Wear a disposable mask
III. Use a tissue to clean nose (if using a rag, wash at once)
IV. Do not spit anywhere –only into a place it can be washed off
V. Close nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing
VI. Wash hands frequently
VII. Avoid touching the face, nose, discharges from mouth and nose
VIII. Keep household surfaces clean (door handles, switches, taps, tables, phones, etc.)
IX. Use paper towels to clean up in the kitchen and dry hands after washing
X. Avoid sharing cups and cutlery when eating and drinking
XI. Throw away tissues after use and do not keep onany surface as it can lead to spread of infection by contaminating the surface on which the tissue is kept
XII. Wash children’s toys – children are more prone to get colds.

Dealing with stress is another important way of fighting off infection.When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off germs is reduced. Some ways in which we can deal with stress are by exercising, getting enough sleep, maintaining work-life balance, etc

Durdans Hospital’s in-house family physicians are available, 24/7, to provide medical care and expert diagnosis, anytime of the day. These experienced doctors will assess, evaluate and send for testing when necessary to arrive at a sound diagnosis and begin treatment. An OPD pharmacy is also conveniently available. Referrals will be done when necessary. The Durdans OPD can efficiently diagnose communicable diseases such as viral fevers, acute gastroenteritis, stomach flu, influenza, dengue fever, bronchitis,pneumonia, etc.

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