French Environment Minister Hulot quits in major Macron blow

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot on Tuesday announced his resignation on France Inter radio, saying it was the result of an “accumulation of disappointments.”

The announcement strikes a major blow to French President Emmanuel Macron, who had pledged to make France a global leader for climate solutions.

Here’s what Hulot said:

The French government’s lack of progress on steps to tackle climate change, defend biodiversity and address environmental threats resulted in an “accumulation of disappointments.”
“I don’t want to lie any longer. I don’t want to maintain the illusion that my presence in government means that we are meeting these environmental challenges.”
“France is doing more than a lot of other countries. Do not make me say that it is doing enough. It is not doing enough. Europe is not doing enough. The world is not doing enough.

“I have a bit of influence, but I have no power and no means.”

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