Sri Lanka Premier emphasizes on programs for early childhood development and pre-school education

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the government has focused attention on programs to enhance early childhood development and primary education and will open pre-school education centers and day care centers under these programs.

Speaking at the opening of Santhi Children’s home in Rakwana constructed by Bodhiraja Foundation headed by Sangha Nayaka of Southern Province Venerable Omalpe Sobitha Thera Monday evening, the Prime Minister despite having to face various problems, the government increased money allocated for social welfare.

“Although we had to face various problems as a government, we have increased the money for social welfare. As we have increased allocations for the health sector, we have started many projects such as the “Best School is the Nearest School”.

The Premier said the government has focused special attention on improving early childhood education. “A child is admitted to school at the age of 5 years when a child’s mental health is developing, and therefore we need to pay special attention to early childhood education.”

“We are taking measures to open 2000 pre-school education institutions and day care centers for infants. We will continue to provide assistance to children without restrictions,” he said.

“Through these measures a good young generation will be created for our country in the future and our hope is to spend money with a carefully prepared plan to raise a capable generation of children from infancy.”

The Prime Minister the government has recognized the importance of safeguarding children and helping them become good citizens right from their early childhood and therefore, the government will bring in laws to ensure safety of children.

“Behavior of adults depends on what they learn during their childhood year, and therefore, new laws will be introduced soon to safeguard children who are in their early childhood,” the Premier said.

“As an important step we take to build reconciliation, we will take measures to introduce the concept of reconciliation from infancy and prepare laws to protect the young children,” the Prime Minister added.

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