CID to probe 1998 gang rape of South Korean student

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has commenced investigations into a gang rape incident that had taken place twenty-years ago in South Korea.

Accordingly, the investigations are conducted by the CID on the instructions of the Attorney General (AG), to arrest three Sri Lankans who were part of the crime.

As per the reports from South Korea, “Three Sri Lankans, as Industrial Trainees, saw the victim on her way home from school. They raped the woman, a first-year nursing student at a College in Daegu, and fled the scene. The girl staggered for about 100 meters down a road before she was struck and killed by a large truck.

“During the initial investigation, the Police discovered woman underwear near the accident site. Forensic Experts examined the underwear and concluded that there were traces of semen on it.

“But, the Police decided that the underwear did not belong to the victim; they decided that the underwear was too old and threadbare to have belonged to the victim. They wrapped up the matter as an automobile accident, saying the woman had wandered in front of the truck.

“Investigators obtained DNA from the semen traces on the underwear and began searching for a suspect in the DNA database of people convicted of sexual crimes.

“In 2010, allegedly the 46-year-old suspect from Sri Lanka who ran a grocery store for foreigners in Daegu. South Korean Authorities said they had the suspect’s DNA because he had been convicted in earlier in the year of paying a teenager to have sex.

“The suspect, whose identity was withheld by the South Korean Authorities, entered the country in 1996 as a Trainee and has been married to a Korean woman since 2002.”

Meanwhile, two other Sri Lankans who were allegedly involved in the crime had by this time, returned to Sri Lanka.

The South Korean Authorities had notified the Sri Lankan Government through diplomatic channels about the crime on 28 August, 2017 and on 30 May, 2018, thereby a Korean team arrived in the country and met with the AG, CID, and the Justice Ministry Officials.

The AG had issued instructions to the CID to conduct investigations in this regard and a team of CID Officers had gone to South Korea to further investigate. The CID team had recorded statements at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Korea and had subsequently visited the site of the crime.

It is reported that the investigations have revealed all three suspects involved in the case returned to Sri Lanka from South Korea since the crime was committed.

All details in this regard were produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court on Monday (01).

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