Arimac Digital Introduces ‘WynkAR’ an Augmented Reality Platform to Transform the Advertising and Digital Communications Industry

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –In a bid to revolutionize the advertising and digital communications industry, Arimac Digital recently unveiled WynkAR—the Country’s one and only augmented reality platform available to smartphone to blur the line between offline and online advertising. The platform will allow users to look at real-world objects enhanced with text and digital graphics through their smartphone cameras.

The Company’s platform is available for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones, enabling corporates to refactor, reinvent, and reimage their marketing and advertising strategies altogether. In fact, WynkAR lets businesses redefine traditional advertising methods by offering targeted campaigns and immersive experiences.

WynkAR gives content creators an outlet to engage with their audience in a more personalized manner as well. Readers can now scan traditional print advertisements using their Android and iOS hand-held devices to generate superimposed interactive digital content. Agencies, brands and small and medium sized businesses are welcome to ‘augment’ their products, services or stories through the platform.

According to a 2017 white paper published by Mordor Intelligence, the global augmented reality market was valued at USD 5.85 billion and is projected to reach a value of USD 70 billion by 2023, registering a projected annual growth rate of 51 percent. With a few usage cases in Sri Lanka already, Arimac believes the time is ripe for augmented reality.

“Augmented Reality has been introduced as a revolutionary trend that can add a new layer to the real world,” said Arimac Digital Founder &Chief Executive Officer, Chamira Jayasinghe. “It allows customers to be part of a different world, living a new experience that can increase their engagement with a product or service. With more than half of the Sri Lankan population estimated to own a smartphone, there is no better time than now for corporates to adopt emerging technologies to drive engagement.”

The WynkARplatform can be used to find a particular location using Immersive Navigation and it is also able to scan movie posters while their respective trailers play in the background. “Immersive technology can help companies create a certain emotional connection with their customers. Unlike images or banners, for example, augmented reality ads are interactive and lifelike—consumers can see and even interact with them,” Jayasinghe added.

Prior to the launch of WynkAR, there had been no augmented reality platform which catered to the mass demographic of Sri Lanka. Corporates had to rent a foreign platform to carry out the augmented reality-based marketing campaign in Sri Lanka, with little to no regional support at all.

The WynkAR mobile application is backed by Arimac’s 24×7 support team and is currently available for download via iOS App Store and Google Play and brands will be charged a monthly subscription fee only. For further details, please visit

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