Specialised and Comprehensive ENT Care at Durdans Hospital

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Many people live with conditions that affect their sense of smell, breathing, balance and vocal ability. Durdans ENT Unit provides specialised care for all types of ear, nose, throat and head & neck disorders and cancers.

The ears, nose, and throat are anatomical areas that are located near each other and have separate but related functions. So, ear nose and throat related disorders are also interrelated. An ENT specialist with extensive experience will look at the condition holistically and be able to provide the best treatment for those conditions.

One of the key areas of concern for ENT surgeons are helping patients to cope with or recover from diseases that impair the senses of hearing and balance (Vertigo). The unit provides hearing tests and hearing restoration for patients with hearing loss arising from trauma, infections, congenital abnormalities, and age related hearing loss and correct diagnosis of vertigo by means of proper examination, relevant investigations and high quality treatments for different varieties of vertigo including vestibular physiotherapy.

Another focus of the unit is on conditions that obstruct the functional aspects of eating and speech, providing specialised treatment for voice disorders, throat infections and swallowing disorders. The unit also treats thyroid disorders.

Breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, obstructive sleep apnea (a sleep disorder) and sinusitis can be caused by obstructions in the nasal and sinus cavities. Snoring maybe a sign of issues such as tonsils and adenoids in children and will need medical attention. Chronic blocked nose, runny nose, sneezing, poor sense of smell and taste, catarrh can be the result of a nasal polyp (swelling in the lining of the nose) and must be looked at sooner than later.

Breakthrough and minimally invasive surgeries are also performed at the unit, including surgery for tumours and lumps in the oral cavity, throat, voice box, salivary gland, nose and sinuses that maybe diagnosed as cancerous or non-cancerous.

The Durdans ENT Unit is led by leading consultant ENT and head and neck surgeons and is supported with modern equipment including a state of the art ENT workstation that maximises patient comfort and ease.

Consultant ENT and Head & Neck surgeon Dr Vasanthika S Thuduwage says,
“Usage of modern technology for the field of ENT care has markedly improved the quality of patient care allowing us to show the condition to the patient and get them participated for the management of their health condition actively”.

Dr RisnySakkaff, Consultant ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon at Durdans Hospital says, “Equipped with one of the latest work stations, which allows for examination and ability to decide on a probable diagnosis of ENT AND HEAD NECK CONDITIONS on table, Durdans ENT Unit provides a wide range of minimal access surgery in expert hands, with minimum hospital stay time and an excellent outcome.”

The ENT workstation will help the clinicians to provide most of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to ENT conditions as outpatient procedures. Those include examination of ears under the microscope, ear suction under the microscope, endoscopic nasal examination, endoscopic throat examination, minor ear procedures such as providing injection to ears and evaluation of the voice.

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