Trina Solar Launches Trinahome in Sri Lanka

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Trina Solar, the global leader in total energy solutions, today launched its Trinahome solar system into Sri Lanka.

The launch coincides with The Solar Show being held in Colombo at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre from 28-29 November. Top management from Trina Solar are attending the show.
“The launch of Trinahome in Sri Lanka is very much in line with the nation’s target of achieving carbon neutrality and transitioning completely to renewable energy by 2050,” says Trina Solar senior sales director Asia Pacific and Middle East, Ku Jun-Heong.

“Trina Solar sees there is ample opportunity to increase solar energy’s share of Sri Lanka’s energy mix,” says Ku.

“This can be achieved by adopting solar energy solutions, such as Trinahome.”

Trinahome is perfect for households and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) wanting to reduce their energy bills, says Ku Solar energy is also environmentally friendly, as it is a renewable resource, unlike oil and coal which is a finite resource that once burnt produces greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming. Oil and coal, which is imported from overseas, still accounts for 49% of Sri Lanka’s energy mix.

“We see an opportunity to replace oil and coal with solar energy,” says Ku. Solar energy today accounts for less than 3% of Sri Lanka’s energy mix but Trina Solar is encouraged by the country’s favourable policies towards solar energy such as feed-in tariffs and net metering. The policies are part of the country’s ‘Battle for Solar’ scheme, a joint initiative involving the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company.

The push towards solar energy is in line with the country’s broader energy policy, says Ku, adding that some of the key aspects of that policy include: caring for the environment, enhancing self-reliance, assuring energy security and providing ‘energy for all’.

A recent study by the United Nations Development Program and Asian Development Bank forecasts that by 2050 electricity generation in Sri Lanka will increase from around 3,700MW now to 34,000MW. The report says most of the increase will come from solar and wind.

“Considering Sri Lanka is near the equator and there is plenty of sunshine all year round, it makes sense that solar energy play an important role in Sri Lanka’s energy mix,” says Ku.

“Solar energy is well-positioned to help Sri Lanka achieve its targets. The cost of solar energy has reduced dramatically over the past ten years. It is now very affordable.”

“This explains why we are now able to introduce solar energy systems to households and SMEs.”
“The cost of solar energy has reduced dramatically, thanks to new technology and ‘economies of scale’. The cost of fossil fuels, meanwhile, continues to increase,” adds Ku.

“Trina Solar is the market leader in solar energy solutions. We are the only solar module manufacturer that provides an ‘all in one’ solution. One of our competitive advantages is we develop our own solar cell technology.
We work with top scientists in China and in other countries around the world to develop solar cell technology.

Trina Solar has set eighteen world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output.
Ku says: “Trinahome is a total solution. This means in addition to providing the solar panels, it also includes the other components such as the inverter, grid box, mounting system, etc.”

“Through superior solar cell technology, coupled with better systems integration, Trinahome provides great power efficiency,” adds Ku.

Trinahome can be installed in one day, depending on the weather, and can be installed on any roof-type in Sri Lanka.

The solar panels and other parts are backed by Trina Solar warranties including a 25-year power performance guarantee on the solar panels.

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