Detection of Breast Cancer with Latest 3D Mammogram in Sri Lanka

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –A mammogram isone of the best ways to detect breast cancer but many women are known to avoid it due to associated pain and discomfort while undergoingthe said examination. The 3D Digital (Hologic) mammogram at Durdans Hospital ensures minimal pain resulting from less compression, which in no way compromises its accuracy.

Durdans Hospital’s Hologic Selenia® Dimensions® 6000 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ systemcan detect even the smallest breast cancers and further provides unique advantagesofTomoguided Biopsy and Synthesised 2D.

Durdans Hospital’s HologicSelenia® Dimensions® 6000 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ system is the only digital mammogram (3D) capable of performing tomoguided biopsy or 3D biopsy in Sri Lanka.

TomoguidedBiopsy is the process of using image slice(s) to localise and sample a suspected lesion detected on a mammogram.Tomoguided biopsy is therefore superior to other machines that can only perform stereotactic biopsy (biopsy using 2D images) which is less accurate and is also 100% accurate for when biopsy is done we can look at the needle tip in the lesion. This is not possible in 2D.

The advantage of 3D mammogram with tomosynthesis is that being a digital mammogram the radiation dose is already low and with 2D Synthesise it can be lowered further. The lower radiation dose is highly beneficial for younger patients who may need to undergo mammogram exam. Being a 3D structure, one is able to view the breast, layer by layer with Tomosynthesis technology to reveal any hidden lesions,enabling better detection.

Another unique feature of the mammography system available at Durdans is Synthesised 2D where a 2D image can be reconstructed from a 3D image, to avoid double radiation exposure. In breast examination by mammogram, a 2D image is provided to the specialist toreview.

Durdans Hospital offers a comprehensive breast screening programme where women over 40 years undergo mammogram while women below 40 years undergo ultrasound scan.DurdansRadiology Department facilitates screeningand biopsies for diagnosis of breast cancer.

For mammography screening, call Durdans Radiology department on 011 2 140 310

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