More facilities for flood affected people in Kilinochchi under the guidance of the President

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Kilinochchi District Secretary Suntharam Arumainayaham said that all the District Secretaries, have taken immediate steps to help the victims of floods in accordance with the guidance given by President Maithripala Sirisena. He pointed out that facilities have been provided already to all the persons sheltered in welfare centres.

Even though the flood levels reduced in the Kilinochchi District, the people have returned to the welfare centres because of heavy rains. At present, nearly 18,000 families have been affected and all the essential requirements, including cooked food, dry rations and health facilities are being provided for them.

The President has instructed to provide all the essential facilities for the people without any shortage. It was decided to provide Rs.10,000 as an initial payment to a family to reconstruct their damaged houses and after estimating the damage, maximum of Rs. 250,000 each will be provided as compensation. The houses affected due to floods, market places, water wells, and toilets, were cleaned under the instructions of the President in collaboration with the state institutions.

The districts which were being affected and the crops were washed away completely will be provided compensation. It has been estimated that 8,000 fields were destroyed and Rs.40,000 per acre will be paid as compensation.

While resettling the people whose houses were not damaged, they will be provided with necessary utensils and equipment for making food.

The armed forces also have been deployed to provide cooked food and assist in resettlement activities and providing medical assistance to the people that are in flood affected areas. The Army media division announces that 300-400 soldiers have been assigned in 57 divisions for flood relief activities.

The Sri Lanka Navy has also deployed 6 teams to provide assistance to flood affected persons. The armed forces are working on rescuing people stranded in marooned areas in Mullaitivu district. The Sri Lanka Air Force planes make aerial identification of marooned persons and provide assistance to the Armed Forces rescue teams. They also assist distribution of flood relief.

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