Theresa May survives no-confidence vote in British Parliament

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Prime Minister Theresa May narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence in Parliament on Wednesday, but that did little to quell the turmoil gripping the British government over her plan to leave the European Union, coming a day after she suffered a historic defeat on that proposal.

The House of Commons voted 325-306 to reject the opposition motion of no confidence. A day earlier, it dealt May a defeat on her painstakingly negotiated agreement for Brexit, or the process of exiting the bloc.

Had it been successful, the no-confidence motion almost certainly would have ousted May and probably have forced a general election, adding layers of uncertainty in a country fast approaching the March 29 date for leaving the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has survived a no-confidence vote in parliament.

Ordinarily, a prime minister would be expected to resign after suffering a big defeat on a signature bill. The vote of 432-202 against May’s Brexit plan was by far the biggest loss for a government on a major issue in modern times.

But Brexit has rewritten the rules of British politics. Once again May, the leader of the Conservative Party, lived to fight another day.

More than 100 lawmakers from her party who had opposed her Brexit bill voted to support her government.

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