President observes decline in kidney disease due to strengthening of treatment and prevention programs

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena says that the prevalence of kidney patients is declining in the last two years due to the broad program implemented to strengthen the treatment and prevention of kidney disease.

President Sirisena made this observation addressing a public rally held at the Gatambe Public Grounds after opening the Kidney Patients Relief Service and Welfare Centre Care affiliated to the Kandy General Hospital yesterday (Feb 25th).

The Kidney Patients Relief Service and Welfare Centre was built at a cost of Rs. 628 million entirely with grants of the National Kidney Trust.

The President has named the Center after Specialist Dr. Thilak Abeysekara, who has done an exemplary service for the kidney patients in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at the event, President Sirisena said special attention should be focused on prevention of diseases as well as strengthening the treatment units and pointed out the need to develop both physical and human resources for the task.

The President instructed the authorities to provide the relief that is given to the kidney patients by the government to every person suffering from the disease.

The President also highlighted the importance of expanding the public awareness programs on the disease and enlightening the people on introducing correct practices to their lifestyle to prevent the chronic kidney disease.

The seven storied Kidney Patients Relief Centre is equipped with a Blood Transfusion Unit and a hostel providing residential facilities to the patients. It can provide dialysis services to 150 patients in a day. The Center also has a clinic for pre identification of kidney patients and facilities for educational information for research, counseling and curative purposes.

In addition to this center affiliated to the Kandy General Hospital, two such projects are being carried out in Anuradhapura and Girandurukotte areas. President Sirisena said the Kidney Patient Care and Welfare Center in Anuradhapura will be handed over to the public by next month.

The President thanked the Sri Lanka Army for their prompt support for the construction of the Kidney Relief and Welfare Center in the Kandy District.

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