(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Florida based Beta Analytic carbon dating laboratory report yesterday revealed that the six bone samples collected from Mannar Mass grave falls within the 1499 – 1719 period.

Mannar Magistrate T. Sarvanarajah ordered to make the report public, when the case was taken up following a motion filed by the relatives of missing persons in Mannar yesterday.

Consultant JMO Dr. Saminda Rajapaksa who supervised the excavations at the mass grave said the report on the samples of bones sent to the Beta Analytic has been officially received by Court. The report was about six samples of bones obtained from the mass grave.

Although the Magistrate Court officially received the relevant scientific report from the Florida Beta Analyst Laboratories, the court had also requested an official description about the relevant data from the company.

Dr. Rajapaksa said Florida laboratories has been requested to submit the date of the investigation report in writing to the Mannar Magistrates Court.

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