Japan grants Rs. 15 million for waste collection in Sri Lanka’s north

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Japan has granted nearly Rs. 15 million to Sri Lanka to acquire used waste collection trucks for Jaffna in Northern Province to facilitate solid waste disposal and improve the hygienic environment.

The Government of Japan has extended a total sum of $ 83,432 for “The Project for Providing Secondhand Waste Collection Trucks in Jaffna” through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), a statement said.

The grant contract was signed on Tuesday (19 March) between Ambassador of Japan Akira Sugiyama, and Jaffna Municipal Council Mayor E. Arnold at the Ambassador’s Residence in Colombo.

Through the project, Jaffna Municipal Council will receive four waste collection compactor trucks from Japan to improve the hygienic environment. The Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy (SPJD) will coordinate donation of reconditioned waste collection trucks from Japan to Sri Lanka.

In Jaffna city, with its rapid growth in economy and population, 70 MT of solid waste is produced per day. However, due to shortage of waste collection trucks, around 20 MT of the waste is left without being properly collected, which severely affects the environment and the public health in the municipal area. This project is expected to address this urgent need by enhancing the garbage collecting capacity of Jaffna Municipal Council. Commenting on the provision of this grant, Mayor E. Arnold stated “it is with great pleasure and privilege to sign the grant contract on behalf of the people of Jaffna. I, as the Mayor of Jaffna Municipal Council, express our gratitude and thanks for the magnanimous grant of four waste collection compactor trucks from Japan. This is a timely and helpful gift for the people of Jaffna to keep the city clean and tidy. The civil strife which lasted for the last three decades caused tremendous hardship for the people of Jaffna. However, this was reduced after the cessation of the war and the remarkable developments are taking place with the support of the Government and other foreign countries. The addition of these four trucks to our fleet will improve the disposal of the garbage in Jaffna Municipal area. I assure the Government of Japan that we will utilize these vehicles to get the maximum benefit and anticipate receiving more assistance from Japan in the future.”

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