UK to support Sri Lanka on power generation utilizing waste

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The British Government has expressed its willingness to introduce a mechanism to generate electricity using discarded material as a solution to the future power crisis, the Ministry of Power and Energy, and Business Development said.

The British High Commissioner, James Dauris has presented the facts on the establishment of this mechanism to Minister of Power and Energy, and Business Development Ravi Karunanayake recently.

The Sri Lanka Electricity sector is now focusing on low cost, environmentally friendly power generation schemes to meet the rising electricity demands of the country on a daily basis the Ministry said.

This method of electricity generation utilizing waste can be introduced as one of the important components of this program.

During the discussion, Minister Karunanayake noted that Sri Lanka’s main and cheapest electricity generating system is hydro power, and at present, all the possible resources from the existing water sources in the country have been used for generating electricity.

“In order to meet the daily growing demand for electricity, our power sector is now focusing on low cost renewable energy sources,” he said.

The Minister pointed out that generating electricity using the waste material will also provide a satisfactory solution to the solid waste disposal problem in the country.

High Commissioner Dauris said among the countries in Asia, Sri Lanka is at an optimal level in supplying electricity and currently, the low cost of renewable energy sources used by Sri Lanka minimize the environmental damage and also provide relief for the consumer.

He said that promoting the electricity generation utilizing the waste in the country could be a relief in many ways to the electricity sector in Sri Lanka, to the consumer and to the whole nation.

The Minister observed that in the face of the growing population, the waste disposal problem is also getting worse, and it is a great reward if the issue is resolved through such a productive and profitable route.

Further, he had said that he would apprise the relevant officials in the power sector in order to proceed with the implementation of this project and expressed hope that Britain would fully support it.

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