“Islam teaches to respect greatness of humanity” – President in Ramadan message

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The fasting period led by the Islamic devotees, withholding the worldly pleasures, sacrificing, indulging in religious rituals and offering ones’ own earnings to the poor and the helpless symbolises the spirituality common to all South Asian religious philosophies, President Maithripala Sirisena stated in his message for Ramadan Festival.


I offer my warm wishes to the Islamic devotees who observe Ramadan ceremony held at the end of the period of one lunar month of fasting in accordance with Islam, a religion built on the strong pillars of trust, generosity, faith and fasting to depict sacrifice.

A religion that teaches to experience the hunger of the others and learn to sacrifice to merge with others is, indeed, an invaluable gift to the society.

In this long journey of human civilisation, we come across all the religious practices, beliefs and philosophies of the world. Thus the common string of humanity is much further than the religious followings. Any form of religion that teaches to respect the greatness of humanity will not mislead the followers to get detached from the human kind. Islam is that kind of a religion.

I wish a joyful Ramadan to the Islamic devotees, who accomplishing the rituals of the religion, adhering to the discipline of fasting and fulfilling ones’ own humanity from devotion. My expectation is that all of you pray for a future that can make us join hands together as brothers dispelling the darkness and disarray of misery and mistrust.

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