Bodies of NTJ leader’s family members died in suicide bombing at Saindamarudu exhumed for DNA tests

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The bodies of the terror suspects who blew themselves up in Saindamarudu in Ampara on April 26 were exhumed today to obtain samples for DNA tests.

The bodies of NTJ leader Mohammed Saharan Hashim’s, parents, brothers and their wives and children were exhumed to obtain body samples for DNA tests to confirm their identities.

Their bodies were buried in the Ampara Municipal Council burial grounds without performing Muslim religious rites.

The samples collected from the remains of Saharan’s brothers who died on the April 26th explosion were earlier submitted to the Government Analyst for tests. However, some of the samples have deteriorated.

Samples will be taken from exhumed bodies of three adults and once child under the Government Analyst’s instructions. Police have provided special security for the exhumation site.

Fifteen people including the father and two brothers of the mastermind of the Easter Sunday suicide attacks Mohammed Saharan Hashim were killed when they blew themselves up when security forces stormed their safe house in Saindamarudu. Six children were among those who killed in the explosion.

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