Development projects worth Rs. 48 billion implemented island wide under the Gamperaliya program

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera says that Rs. 48 billion worth development projects are being implemented throughout the country under the Gamperaliya program.

Speaking in parliament today (June 18), Minister Samaraweera said this government has taken the real development to the village

“Human development is given priority in a modern market economy. Under our Government, true development is carried out in the villages. The country has become a workplace. The village’s small-scale contractors, businessmen and village unions and associations have the opportunity to earn an income while developing their own areas and their own development.”

The Minister said to overcome poverty, a program must be put in place to get out of poverty forever

“As a country despite facing many challenges, we are on the path to successful and long term development. As the Finance Minister I’ve faced many challenges. One side suffered a great drought other side floods. There was a political conspiracy. When faced all the challenges successfully, we faced the Easter bombing attack. The debate is on when the economy of the country is going strong despite the Easter Sunday attack.”

“We have been able to establish a stable economic base over the past few years. We are now launching a socio-economic development program that will empower the masses and strengthen the economy with no personal agenda or personal benefits. We have been able to maintain inflation and unemployment at a low level at a higher level of per capita income and gross domestic product (GDP) while maintaining macroeconomic stability even after a major terrorist attack.”

The minister said the professional bodies of the world have come to positive conclusions about the economy of the country.

“Over the past few months, we have received over $ 1,200 million in international aid. A few weeks ago, the World Bank provided $ 70 million for the rural development program. In addition, US $ 152 million has been allocated for three development projects. The Asian Development Bank has approved US $ 50 billion for the Enterprise Sri Lanka concept. All these international donations are not due to personal acquaintances or friendships but due to our national economic policies.”

He said the country has become a workplace and 98,600 development projects have been implemented in this year alone. “We will soon provide an additional Rs. 100 million for each electorate under the next stage of Gamperaliya in addition to the Rs. 300 million allocated for each electorate. Out of this, within the next six months each electorate will be given Rs. 10 million, a total of Rs. 8 billion for the Dharamashala project to develop 800 temples and other religious places.

Government employees have not been forgotten at any time. Many of the proposals in the last budget will be implemented on July 1st. In addition to the Rs. 7800 living allowance, all public servants will be granted an interim allowance of Rs. 2500 by the end of this month.

Also, the number of chronic kidney disease patients who receive Rs. 5000 allowance is raised from 21,000 to 26,000 and the waiting list was abolished.

“After several decades fiscal surpluses were recorded last year. It is 0.6% of GDP. We expect that this will gradually reduce the accumulation of public debt over the next few years. We as a country have achieved a stable, orderly economic growth base and it is important to build future development through it.”

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