Over Rs. 530 mn provided as benefits under Surakshsa insurance

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Over 530 million rupees have been paid as benefits for 11,740 recipients under the Surakshsa insurance scheme for all school children.

The Suraksha Student Health Insurance policy launched in 2017 is aimed at helping families meet their children’s healthcare expenses.

The insurance coverage is provided for 4.5 million of students in 11,240 schools island wide. The insurance policy is offered free of charge to all students of all national, provincial, private, international schools and Pirivenas. Children between 5 to 21 years of age are eligible to receive insurance benefits.

This benefit is available to parents in the case of illness, accidents and disasters to children and to the children in the case of loss of parents.

The insurance scheme is operated by the government in partnership with a private insurance company.

If the insurance company fails to pay the 75 percent of the benefits provided by the government to the children for some reason, then the government will have to be paid the amount of benefits from the percentage already paid up to 75 percent. Therefore, the insurance company is committed to provide benefits to school children diligently.

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