Sri Lanka Technology Revolution – Shilpasena Exposition

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Shilpasena Exposition, the first in a series of expositions, being organized by the Ministry of Science Technology & Research, under the directions of Hon. Sujeewa Senasinghe, aimed at bridging the gap between Science, Technology & innovation sector and the general public is scheduled at the BMICH premises from the 18th to 21st July.

Today, Science, Technology and innovation has become a pioneering factor in the economic development process. Sri Lanka ranks 88th in the world innovation index. In order to achieve the target of reaching the 60th position within the next 4 – 5 years, science, technology, research and innovation sector should be revived and encouraged. In doing so, it is important to create a research culture within the country through driving Research institutions, universities, scientist, technologies and researches, towards a common goal.

People in our country pay little attention to the subject of Science, Technology and innovation. They somewhat fear and are reluctant to delve deeper into the subject, which could be attributed to the fact that this field has English at its base.

We believe that through the adoption of simple methodologies, which will be communicated in Sinhala language, a higher level of community participation could be achieved. In order to achieve this, Shilpasena programme has been modelled after Gam Udawa and Mahapola programmes, which brought people closer in the past.

The Shilpasena Exposition which has “prosperity through empowerment” as its theme, is made up of 05 clusters, ie Technology Zone, Entrepreneurship and job fair, Innovation, blue green economy, and edutainment.

Technology Cluster

Under Technology Cluster S, T & R knowledge will be disseminated under 12 themes with the inclusion of STEM education. This cluster aims at imparting latest technological knowledge to school students, university students and emerging researchers as well as popularizing the field of Science, Technology & Research in the society.

Innovation Cluster

More than 500 innovations of local inventors will be on display under this cluster, while a programme for their commercialization will also be implemented. It is vital to capitalize on innovations, in a country’s progression towards development. Even though many inventors of the country, come up with innovations, these do not gain popularity or recognition within the society, depriving them of the opportunity to secure a commercial value for their inventions. The private sectors, contribution is vital in the process of commercialization. Shilpasena provides the opportunity to forge a link between the inventors and the private sector, aimed at economic development.

Entrepreneurship and job fair

This cutler is designed to lend a helping hand to those interested in standing on their own feet. 1000 technology packages will be introduced to those who are already engaged in small and medium scale industries and to those who are interested in embarking on new industries. In addition, knowledge and guidance on commercial publicity, provision of services, business registration, loan facilities will also be provided at the venue.

Youths may also have direct interactions with the private sector which will ensure training opportunities for them.

Blue Green economy cluster

Under Blue Green economy cluster, exhibition stalls of other line Ministries, institutions and tri – armed forces and Sri Lanka police will be on display where recruitments to the armed forces will also be facilitated.

Edutainment cluster

Under the Edutainment cluster commercial stalls including a book fair, food stalls, creative mind games and fun activities, daily musical shows, science films will be available.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Research extends an open invitation to the general public to be part of this mega education and trade fair, which will bring inventors, business community, innovation and private entrepreneurship together to open new avenues to ensure the steady growth of the Sri Lankan economy.

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