Emergency guidelines issued for all fishermen as the bad weather continues

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dilip Wedaarachchi said since the Department of Meteorology had issued a warning that inclement weather will continue until the 24th, steps have been taken to issue a set of guidelines for all the fishermen in the fisheries industry to follow from today.

The Minister said this program has been implemented to protect the lives of the fishermen who face dangerous sea conditions due to the inclement weather and therefore it is compulsory to follow these guidelines.

The Search Operations unit has issued the set of the guidelines on the instructions of the Minister who inquired about the fishermen who were stranded in the international waters and directed to Maldives and discussed with the officials on the next steps to be taken.

The Minister said the dangerous conditions have not passed yet and the fishermen should follow the guidelines.

It has been confirmed that the number of multi-day fishing trawlers that were affected by the inclement weather condition was 20. Seven of the 20 vessels that are docked in the Maldives Sea are at the Kurdubihi Fisheries Harbor. Another 12 multi-day boats are in the Maldives sea and they were advised not to return yet as the danger is not over. The Meteorology Department says that the prevailing bad weather condition will continue till the 24th. Therefore, we issued an Emergency Guidelines for all fishermen today. ”

Following are the guidelines:
1. It is compulsory that all fishermen who go to see for fishing activities should wear life jackets.
2 It is compulsory to have the radio messaging enabled.
3. Must refrain from entering into the seas of other countries.
4 If you have inadvertently entered a sea in another country, should notify the closest search operations center immediately
5. It is compulsory to have essential medicines.
6 It is compulsory to keep in touch with the land every two hours.

The Minister of State Dilip Wedaarachchi stated that all fisheries people are urged to follow these instructions and it is very important for the safety of the fishermen.

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