President says 90% people with him in war against drugs

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – President Maithripala Sirisena said he has not been isolated in his battle against narcotic drugs because nearly 90 per cent of the people stood by him in the struggle.

He said when certain prominent sections of the government took to the streets to protest against his decision to reintroduce the death penalty against drug racketeers; it caused happiness among drug racketeers, criminals and the corrupt individuals.

The President asserted that he took all decisions in the interest of the future generations and to build a favourable country for them. “As such politicians, government servants and intellectuals should come forward to fulfill their responsibilities for the motherland,” he added.

The President was speaking at a ceremony held at the Sabaragamuwa provincial complex to introduce the ‘Sabaragamuwa Lassanai’ programme and the convention on Kithul. The ‘Sabaragamuwa Lassanai’ programme is a concept of Sabaragamuwa Governor Dhamma Dissanayake.

President Sirisena in his speech reiterated the need for imposing capital punishment for drug trafficking kingpins in order to create a disciplined and ethical society.

The President said that provincial state officers are duty bound to convert the Sabaragamuwa Lassanai programme in to a ground reality without letting it as a draft. He praised the Governor’s move to implement a policy statement for achieving an overall development of the province.

Speaking on the state service, the President noted that state officers should make their utmost contribution to the betterment of the country. According to the President, the 1.4 million officers in the state service can bring the country to a higher level if they work at least six of the eight working hours.

The President said that moves are being taken to beautify the entire country.

“It should be ascertained whether the objective of establishing Provincial Councils in the country can be reached,” the President said.

“The Provincial Council system has been in existence in the country for 30 years but attention should be focused on whether the objective of establishing Provincial Councils have been achieved,” the President added. “All political bodies and systems including Local Government institutions have been established to drive the country on the correct path.The land extent of a country is immaterial when achieving prosperity,” President Sirisena said.

The President added that he has implemented several projects aiming to create a systematic country and thus a healthy nation. The war against the drug menace and measures to fight against chronic kidney disease are some of them,” the President said.

The President highlighted that the country is much different than the picture drawn by several media.

“The country is in a better position,” he noted.

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