DurdansEye Clinic Focused on Trusted Eye Care for All Ages

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The eye is a dynamic part of the body, complex and powerful. However vision problems and eye diseases can interfere with life and daily activities and even cause blindness. Regular eye check-ups can prevent blindness – a reason why an eye exam should begin early in life. Durdans Eye Clinic, acentre of excellence offers complete eye care solutionsin a fully equipped facility within a philosophy of care, for all ages.

Children go through a lot of visual development during the first six years of their life. Vision problems can hold them back. All children should have their eyes examined at pre-school age, early teens and late teens to detect poor vision; squints can also be detected.
Many individuals have refractive errors that interfere with vision clarity. Symptoms such as tearing and headaches in individuals may be evident of refractive errors and can be corrected by wearing glasses.
After 40 years, many individualswill experiencedifficulty in reading due to deterioration of vision and will have to wear corrective lenses.There is also a higher risk for development of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma.

Diabetes can cause blindness. Close follow up is needed for prevention. Cataract, an ageing process, can be corrected with surgery. Glaucoma is another blindness-causing condition that shows no symptoms in early stages, but with comprehensive examination it can be diagnosed and treated early.

Only a comprehensive eye test performed by an ophthalmologist can rule outvisions problems and any potentially serious eye diseases that do not show obvious early symptoms like glaucoma and even eye cancer. The comprehensive eye examtests beyond visual clarity to evaluate the condition of different eye components including blood vessels andthepresence of any disease.

Durdans Eye Clinic has a range of modern equipment needed to conduct complete exams that can assess complete eye health of all ages. A panel of expert ophthalmologists treat all types of eye conditions. Day surgery and dedicated theatre facilities are available to global standards of healthcare having been awarded JCI accreditation.

Concernedabout your eyesor vision? Call 011 2 140 771 to make an appointment.

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