UNP led broad alliance will be formed before end of August – PM

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the proposed United National Party-led ‘Democratic National Front’ will be established before end of August.

The Premier in a special statement said further discussions will continue between political parties and organizations in order to establish a broad, strong and stable alliance.

Following is the Prime Minister’s special statement:

“In 2014 also we got together for the country. A number of political parties and organizations joined together with the common aim of re-establishing democracy, strengthening communal harmony, rebuilding a collapsed economy and restoring good governance.

We have taken note of the developments in the country during the recent past. Our attention was drawn to the instability the country was plunged into by the coup.

All this made us feel the need to form a broader, stronger and more stable coalition. We discussed this in depth with political parties and organizations while aiming at protecting and building the country

Accordingly, we decided to form a broad alliance called the Democratic National Front and register as a political organization with the aim of creating a new country and a modern society.

All these decisions were made in a democratic manner in consultation with all groups.

New ideas emerged during the last negotiations after the date for the formation of the Democratic National Front had been set. We realized that it was important to take those ideas into consideration. Therefore, we thought that we should take some more time to complete the document of the formation of the Democratic National Front.

We have decided to establish the Democratic National Front before the end of August.

With the establishment of the Democratic National Front, the possibility of working with many political parties and organization will materialize. But it does not affect the day to day activities of any party. The internal process of the party will not be harmed. This alliance is created in a manner protecting the identity and independence of the parties.

We are formulating a set of national policies for the Democratic National Front. Our future plans are based on those principles.

Anyone who is aware of recent political trends will admit that it is difficult to win a presidential election as a single party. Therefore, I have spent much of my time and effort to build a broad political coalition that can lead us to victory. Neither I nor the other party leaders will quit the leadership of the parties for this purpose.

Our only determination and effort is to win the Presidential election through a coalition led by the UNP, and thereafter, to lead the whole country on the path to victory by winning the parliamentary election and establishing a strong government.

Let’s all get together on that journey. Let us commit to make Sri Lanka the brightest and most developed country in the world.

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