Third exhibition of Enterprise Sri Lanka from September 7 to 10 in Jaffna

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The third of a series of Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibitions which aims to promote enterprise culture within the island and taking the government development activities to the door step of the people will be held from September 7 to 10 at Jaffna Fort.

The goal of this particular exhibition is to attract the members of the new generation to various enterprises that are native to the Northern Province thereby strengthening such enterprises further.

This program expects to develop the industries which are native to Jaffna district by giving priority to agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors and bringing the facilities of granting loan to a pragmatic level in order to develop such industries.

The exhibition premises comprise of seven zones that target the prospective young enterprisers in the North and they will be able to obtain the required knowledge of the necessary services and guidance accordingly.

These zones are titled: Enterprises Zone, Government and Private Sector Zone, Education Zone, Green Zone, Innovation Zone, Commercial Zone and Media Zone and the participants will be able to obtain necessary information hassle free.

The Enterprise Zone will provide services to prospective entrepreneurs including services ranging from giving guidance to make their business idea a reality with guidance to become eligible to obtain loans under concessionary interest rates to start such business ventures. They will be able to get all these service under one roof at this exhibition.

The officials of the Enterprise Sri Lanka Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance as well as other officials of the State commercial banks who are assigned to handle the process of granting loans under Enterprise Sri Lanka will be available to provide the required services. On-the-spot facilities are available at all these banks for the prospective entrepreneurs to get registered to obtain loans at this exhibition venue.

Government and Private Sector Zone will offer the visitors with some understanding, especially of the Government and Private sector institutions and their functions. The visitors can obtain the information about the Government�s development activities, functions of each ministry and the services they provide to the people at this exhibition venue.

The Education Zone has been separated for the thousands of school children and other students who are pursuing higher education. Various types of books which are relevant to school text books could be bought at special discounts at this exhibition. The Education Ministry has involved in organizing this zone. In addition, different type of awareness programs will be held in this exhibition venue for the student visitors to share necessary knowledge. Counseling services for those who are seeking higher education could be obtained at this Zone.

The visitors to this exhibition will be given an opportunity to buy various commodities at reasonable prices. Especially garments and other type of apparel manufactured by factories coming under the Board of Investment (BOI) could be bought at duty free prices in this exhibition center.

In addition, a special zone has been set up for innovations. Priority has been given for the awarded innovators and such individuals of the Northern Province.

The Media Zone will provide an opportunity for the people to meet the representatives of their favorite electronic media houses. At the same time, school students will be able to witness how various programs are telecast including live broadcasting and program production as well as news room function.

In addition, different state institutions will conduct their mobile services in the exhibition premises during these four days of the exhibition.

At the same time, visitors to the exhibition can obtain free clinical health services which have been jointly organized by the Health Ministry and the Provincial Health Services Department. Among them are free laboratory and clinical services.

In addition, various programs on cultivation activities and crop management in the Jaffna district as well as awareness programs on coconut and cashew cultivation will also be conducted in the exhibition venue.

At the same time, legal aid will be provided to those who are seeking for such assistance.

Several programs separate for the youth who seek for vocational training will also be conducted.

A Foreign Ministry consular service will also be set up in the exhibition premises. The foreign job seekers and students who are going overseas for higher education could be able to get their required certificates and other documents attested by this consular office in the exhibition premises.

Simultaneously, guidance and necessary facilities will be provided for small business ventures under the National Policies Ministry coming under the purview of the Prime Minister.

The Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibition in Jaffna will be held from 10 am to 12 midnight during these four days and musical shows with the participation of popular music bands and vocalists will be held in the exhibition venue. (Media Release-Ministry of Finance)

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