A research institute on Kannangara Free Education Concept should be established immediately – President

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –President Maithripala Sirisena says that at a time when various definitions are been present on the free education, there is an imperative need to provide an understanding regarding what is the authentic Kannangara free education policy and its philosophy to the society.

For this purpose, a research institute on the Kannangara Free Education Concept should be established immediately, he said. The President made these remarks participating in the 50th Anniversary of Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka and first Minister of Education C. W. W. Kannangara, held at the BMICH, yesterday (16).

President Sirisena said that even after 50 years, the personality of Kannangara is been commemorated due to the fact that there is a mammoth dearth of individual similar to at the present political field. The President pointed out that nearly 40 years of politics in this country have been filled with thugs and cheaters. He also said that at present where everyone speak about free education, development and the future of the country, at least 25 out of the 225 parliamentarians were exemplary characters like Kannangara, today the country would be far ahead.

Hence, studying personal attributes of Kannangara is is equally important as discussing the concept of free education for the modern politicians, President said.

The academic volume titled “Nidahas Adyapanaye Punarawalokanaya” containing the Free Education Act adopted by Kannangara in 1945 and his speeches and writings was launched at this ceremony organised by the National electronic Learning Resources Center at the University of Kelaniya.

Prof. Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa delivered the keynote address on “Mission of Kannangara and Future Challenges”.

Head of the Department of Sinhala at the University of Kelaniya Ven. Prof. Malwane Chandrarathana Thero, Governors, Ministers, Secretary to the President Udaya R. Seneviratne and several government officials, Vice-Chancellors, university lecturers and family members of late Kannangara were also present on the occasion.

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