Several projects completed under Uma Oya Multi-Purpose Development Project vested with the public by President

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Several projects completed under the Uma Oya Multi-Purpose Development Project vested with the public yesterday(30) under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The President joining a special discussion held at the venue said that the Uma Oya Multi-Purpose Development Project is a significant project, which will provide a noteworthy contribution for the development and national economy of the country and he is happy that the project was completed and the public can reap the benefits.

The President pointed out that the present government had to face many challenges and obstacles that had arisen during the commencement of the project in the year 2011. The President expressed his gratitude to all the people living in Uva for facing various challenges and hardships to deliver this project to the nation.

President Sirisena also thanked the Government of Iran on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka and its people for their contribution for this project.

The construction of the 35-meter roller compressed concrete dam at Puhulpola across the Uma Oya has been completed and the President initiated the diversion of water from Puhulpola reservoir to Diaraba reservoir.

Accordingly, the President opened the Alikota Ara reservoir, Dayaraba reservoir, Puhulpola reservoir and Hadapanagala reservoir constructed under this project.

Alikota Ara reservoir contains 5,200 acre feet water capacity and the Karandagolla hydro-power plant will generate 120 Megawatts of power and it is expected complete totally in 2020. The President also observed those constructions works of the plant.

Uma Oya multipurpose Development project is proposed to transfer water from Uma Oya to Kirindi Oya in order to develop hydropower and to irrigate the dry and less developed south-eastern region of the central highlands. Capacity of the electrical power generation is 120 MW and irrigation of approx. 25,000 acres of paddy lands.

This project consists of two reservoirs at Puhulpola and Dayaraba, a conveyance tunnel linking the two reservoirs of 3.98 km. length, a 15.2 km long head race tunnel, a powerhouse and a tailrace tunnel.

The Puhulpola Reservoir is on the Dalgolla Oya and the Dayaraba Reservoir on the Mahatotilla Oya, both rivers discharging into the Uma Oya. Essentially, both reservoirs are in the Uma Oya sub-basin in the Mahaweli basin. The Puhulpola Reservoir and the Dayaraba Reservoir are connected by the link tunnel.

The total estimated cost for the project is Rs. 15,474.25 million.

State Minister Ajith Mannapperuma, Governor Maithree Gunarathne, Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry Secretary Anura Dissanayake, government officials and the Iranian Ambassador to Sri Lanka were also present.

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