Public wealth, assets robbed by politicians will be taken back – AKD

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – All public wealth and assets robbed by the politicians will be taken back by the government and the parliamentarians’ pension scheme will be scrapped under our government, National Peoples’ Movement (NPM) Presidential candidate Anura Kumara Disanayake has pledged. He gave the above assurance at a public rally held in Galle on Monday.“If any parliamentarian finds it difficult to cope without a pension he or she would be provided with monetary relief through the Sri Lanka Social Security Board on the request of respective ex-parliamentarians. We will give a grace period of two months for them to voluntarily return to the government the plundered public riches and resources before action is taken to re-acquire such property,” he further said.

“We need a new political culture and tradition. We will gain nothing by blindly and traditionally being committed to one party. The country can be changed only if the people change in their thinking and action,” Dissanayaka argued.

There are three main basic principles on which a country can be progressively built up. The supremacy of the Law of the country should be upheld.

The command of the Law should be impartial and equally operative to all. If the command or the rule of the Law collapses or the law becomes the ruler’s command such a state would not move forward.

In our country the rule of the law is functioning inequitably. The command of the rule is effective differently to the poor and the rich. We have a very functional police force. The have the capacity to unearth any hidden crime.

Nevertheless there are some crimes such as the Thajudeen murder, abduction of journalist Ekneligoda and disappearance of Lalith and Kugan have not been been properly investigated yet. Those crimes could not be yet uncovered for those were all political crimes. If the custodians of the state hold up the wealth of the country such a country would never move forward he continued.

“We have no corrupt people to protect and no corruption to hide. So we are the only people’s power which can create a country where rule of the law can be restored,”Dissanayake reiterated.

“To develop a country an administration without corruption and waste is needed.There is no country in the world which has been constructed by a thief or by a corrupt leader, he said.

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