Promotions for 63 army officers

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces with the concurrence of the Ministry of Defence and recommendations of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva has promoted a total of 63 Senior Officers to their respective next ranks, retrospectively, one of the largest segment of promotions, made in recent times, a communiqué of the Military Secretariat Branch announced last evening.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva and All Ranks Extend Their Best Wishes to All 4 new Major Generals, 25 Brigadiers and 34 Lieutenant Colonels of the Army. Here follows the list of newly-promoted Senior Officers.

To the Rank of Major General
Brigadier W S Rajakaruna USP (060982).
Brigadier ALPS Tillekerathna RWP RSP USP psc (060731).
Brigadier WMJRK Senaratne RWP RSP (060738).
Brigadier AGD N Jayasundera RWP RSP (060742).

To the Rank of Brigadier with effect from 20 November 2019.
Colonel J B Randeniya (060972).
Colonel W L Premasiri USP (061077).
Colonel J PH Gamage USP AATO (061448).
Colonel MEP Weerasinghe USP ato (061471).
Colonel A L Ilangakoon (061459).
Colonel D P Hathurusingha USP (061453).
Colonel MWTC Mettananda USP (061431).
Colonel W SA Dissanayake RSP (061408).
Colonel WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP psc (061719).
Colonel AHLG Amarapala RWP RSP psc (061721).
Colonel S B Amunugama RWP RSP (061722).
Colonel HD K Heiyantuduwa RWP RSP (061723).
Colonel HMU Herath RWP RSP USP psc (061725).
Colonel EKW J Wijesiri RSP (061726).
Colonel S A Kulatunge RWP RSP USP psc (061500).
Colonel GM N Perera RWP RSP USP (O61505).
Colonel DCVK Kulatunga USP (061506).
Colonel PADTU Perera (061508).
Colonel PGPS Rathnayaka RWP RSP (061513).
Colonel WTW G lhalage RWP RSP psc (O61518).

With effect from 28 November 2019.
Colonel HGPM Kariyawasam RSP psc IG (061522).
Colonel S Kasturimudali RSP psc (061529).
Colonel MAR Gunesekera RSP (061525).
Colonel M GAN B Mahathuwakkara RWP RSP (061514).

With effect from 15 December 2019.
Colonel S J Priyadarshana RWP RSP USP (061531)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e.f 26 February 2014
Major PHA Rupasinghe SLCMP (063212)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e. f 11 March 2014
Major MCV Gomez SLAC (063270)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e. f 09 May 2014
Major RATS Ramanayaka RWP RSP VIR (063416)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e.f 06 July 2014
Major GRRL Jayasinghe RSP GW (063445).
Major MAPSB Manchanayaka RWP RSP SLLI (063446).
Major JAC Padmakumara SLAGSC (063447).
Major KDC J Siriwardena RSP USP GR (063453).
Major C N Kathriarachchi RWP SLSR (063454).
Major MAGP Bandara GW (063455).
Major KAP Karawita RSP USP SLA (063510).
Major P S J Fernando USP SLE (063516).
Major PAR Wijerathne RWP RSP SLAC (063520).

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w. e. f 15 July 2014
Major D Sooriyaarachchi RWP RSP GR (064199).
Major M S lbbrahim SLSC (064200).
Major NWDA Nanayakkara RSP USP SLLI (064201).
Major BWDMRPSSBD Bulathwaththa RSP Isc MI (064206).
Major RMCKB Rathnayake RSP USP psc Isc MI (O64213).
Major HDC Silva RWP RSP USP psc VIR (064216).
Major P W Karunaratne RSP USP GW (064221).
Major DMJR Dissanayake USP psc IG SLA (064223).
Major C M Liyanage SLE (064225).
Major RS Meegamaarachchi SLAGSC (064227).
Major KMG S Kodituwakku RSP GW (064231).
Major KAAK Karunaratne RWP RSP USP psc SLLI (064232).
Major C Sumanasekara RSP USP SLSR (064242).
Major RAJK Ranasinghe RWP RSP CR (064243).
Major DMBP B Dissanayake RSP USP SLA (064245).
Major RSPK Silva RSP USP SLAC (064246).
Major WBMMN Weerasekara RWP RSP USP GR (064250).
Major SBRAWMRTWSB Thoradeniya USP Lsc SLE (064253).
Major LAPM K Liyanaarachchi VIR (064254).
Major N L Nagahawaththa GW (064256).
Major GKN Wijesinghe SLSC (064259).
Major JAC S Jagoda psc SLE (064261).

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