Flora’s healthy spin on festive indulgence

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Healthy living is beyond doubt a crucial in this fast-paced world we live in and while fats provide us with the energy we need to carry on with our daily lives and make our food scrumptious, overuse could lead to heart diseases. Flora is strong in its commitment to promote a healthy diet and healthy lifestyles, yet loyal to its customers taste buds and gastronomical satisfaction, making sure that your choice for a healthy lifestyle is not a sacrifice that you have to suffer through. Meet Salad Maps, The Sandwich Factory, My Sister’s Kitchen, Platter it up and Platter that Matter – all local food entrepreneurs who have stirred up inventive methods to mix Flora’s loyalty and commitment to health and flavour and serve some delectable festive goodies.

Love cake, the Portuguese might have introduced it to Sri Lanka, but this high calorie and questionably unhealthy staple has an unrivalled Sri Lankan uniqueness to it. My Sisters Kitchen, a local business that is also truly Sri Lankan, substitutes its high butter content with Flora for a range of Sri Lankan classics such as,breudher, oat cookies that are laden with dried fruit and nuts a healthy nibble made healthier with Flora and what better way to wash down these goodies with some creamy frothy butter beer of the Harry Potter fame. Yes! Indulge the Flora induced goodies from My Sister’s Kitchen.

Packed with leaves and vegetables salads are certainly healthy, but surprisingly not all are. Salads can certainly contain loads of unhealthy fats depending on particular ingredients and what self-respecting Christmas Salad would it be without some celebratoryunhealthiness? But never fear the beautiful, bold and colourful seasonal salad jars offered by Salad Maps simply drip with flavour and is both decadent yet healthy thanks to Flora. Packed with Vitamins A,D and E and Omega 3 and 6 it is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas meal or can even be served as a stand-alone meal. Healthy decadence, only through Flora.

The Sandwich Factory serving old school diner food has been a firm favourite of Sri Lankan foodies for years. Hearty, filling and scrumptious, The Sandwich Factory has come on board with Flora to make this Christmas extra healthy by offering two mouth-wateringturkey-based melts that will use Flora in its cooking process. The Merry Turkey Melt is all about sliced turkey mixed with stuffing, sweet chili sauce and topped with mozzarella while the other indulgence comes in the form of a BBQ Turkey melt where sliced turkey is smothered in home-made BBQ sauce, green chilli and onion and topped with mozzarella cheese. Oozing with flavour these delights are a Christmas must.

Holidays bring people together, be it an intimate crowd of friends and family or an office do. Planning, preparation and presentation can take a chunk of your time and that is when party platters come in handy. Be it sweet or savoury, party platters add sparkle and sophistication to any event and has gained fast popularity. Dips are a main element of party platters and Flora healthy fat spread would give the opportunity to dig in guilt free. Teamed up with Flora, the following local businesses that specialise in party platter take creativity and taste to the next level. The dips, sweet and savoury spreads will be packed with healthy fats and the pleasure of tucking in is… well priceless.

Vibrant and assembled with flair, Platter It Up has caused quite a social media sensation with their creative and fun dips and butters that balance the sweet, salt and savoury tastes. Be it for intimate gatherings or a houseful of party people, Platter It Up will have you covered with the yummiest, healthiestfinger food. The beautifully displayed veggies, fruit and crackers will be accompanied by the following array of Flora induced goodness. Serving these at your event will make you the talk of the town.

Platter That Matter has been a crowd favourite with their platters that are a pure edible work of art. Creative and irresistible, Platter That Matter teams up handpicked breads, vegetables, fruit, nuts, meats and an array of crackers with a diverse and mouth-watering collection of incredibly yummy array of dips and jams that has Flora as a healthy and essential ingredient. Their curated Flora platters are the perfect gift for loved ones or for those special little soirées adding classy elegance.

Flora is made with Sunflower oil and Canola oil and contains more poly-unsaturated fats (good fats) and 70% less saturated fat than butter. Also, a serving of 20g of butter gives 33% of your daily requirement of Vitamins A,D and E making it the perfect ingredient in the festive food you love. The essential fats Omega 3 and 6 contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol.

The local businesses who have teamed up with Flora have a strong social media presence and are eager to serve their customers and bring a healthy dose of festive cheer. Best of all, all these healthy Flora inspired indulgences are now only a fingertipaway as they can be ordered through direct orders or Uber Eats!

Choose healthy indulgence, Choose Flora – The healthy fat spread that simply sparkle with festive cheer!

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